Najib: ‘Good news’ for civil servants in Budget

Civil servants can expect “good news” in Budget 2018, says the Prime Minister.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said improvements to the public sector would also be announced during the tabling of the Budget on Oct 27.

“I know many of you are waiting for certain announcements. God willing, I will deliver some good news in the Budget. Please be patient,” he said in his speech at the 15th civil servants assembly on Wednesday.

Najib said the Government appreciates the contribution and services of civil servants in bringing progress to the nation, unlike the Opposition which accuses public officers of being inefficient and lazy, and would even cut down the number of those serving the Government.

“What they don’t understand is the political master of the day has nothing to do with civil service.

“As some would say, political masters may come and go but the civil service remain the same,” he said.

Najib also dismissed claims that the civil service in Malaysia is bloated compared with other countries.

“This comparison is unfair. Under the Federal Constitution, civil servants also include those serving in the health sector, security forces as well as teachers,” he said.

In some countries, he said, those serving in these areas were not considered public officers.

The Prime Minister said for their past eight years, the Government had introduced various initiatives and carried out a series of improvements to look after the interests and welfare of its employees.

Among them was to increase salaries by between 7% and 13% in 2012, raising the minimum salary from RM832 to RM1,200 a month effective July 2016.

Source: The Star (03 Oct 2017)