Without emergency funds, Malaysia can’t cope if terrorists attack, deputy home minister says

Malaysia’s security forces would not be able to fully cope with a terrorist attack as the Home Ministry does not have emergency funds and is facing likely budget cuts, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said.

According to the New Straits Times today, the deputy minister said the Home Ministry’s RM12 billion budget only accounts for its usual operational expenditure, but does not include special funds for an emergency.

“We haven’t even budgeted for an emergency situation and the Finance Ministry is planning to cut our business-as-usual budget.

“If anything happens, we would be limited in deploying our forces, vehicles and equipment as all of this costs money. We will usually adjust our business-as-usual budget to cover such events, but it seems that would be cut, too. If that happens, we will be lacking in funds,” he was quoted telling the local English daily.

Nur Jazlan also said the Home Ministry is appealing to the Finance Ministry to not cut its allocations, ahead of the expected announcement this January 28 to revise Budget 2016.

He told NST that security should be given top priority in the budget revision, following the bomb attacks yesterday in Jakarta, the capital of neighbouring Indonesia.

Nur Jazlan said the Home Ministry could not afford cuts to its budget as it would also affect staff morale, also noting that 80 per cent of the ministry’s funds are allocated to the police force.

“If the government were to cut even two per cent ― RM240 million ― it would affect our operational capabilities. Every sen counts here.

“It is not developmental expenditure like building construction or buying new equipment that we can delay, although it would hamper capabilities.

“We are talking about cutting salaries, overtime and mobilisation costs here. Our staff will be upset,” he was quoted saying.

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